Frozen City MOD APK v1.9.17 [Unlimited Money, Gold, Gems]

Frozen City MOD APK v1.9.17 [Unlimited Money, Gold, Gems]

Introduction Frozen MOD APK: All the users who play the Frozen City game demand unlimited coins, gold, gems, and wood. Moreover, they also need other necessary things and resources that are useful to warm up yourself and the whole village. As in the standard version of the Frozen City you have limited resources like wood, money, gold, and coins. So without them, you cannot expand your village and also fail to transform your village into a city. Therefore, the pro version of this game Frozen City MOD APK available on this website where you get unlimited resources to build your city and make your people happy.

The mod version is the modified version of the app where you unlock everything. The wood is the essential resource of this game so you will get unlimited wood in this mod version of the game. Furthermore, you can use unlimited resources like wood and money to expand and build your land for the poor people of the village. In this cold place, people do not have enough resources to survive on this land without any resource so you are the last hope for them. You can build different buildings using wood and also warm up the land with a fire flame.

Full NameFrozen City Mod APK
PublisherCentury Games PTE. LTD.
Package Namecom.fct.global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/ Gold
Latest Version1.9.17
Game Size609 MB
Google Play Store

What is Frozen City?

Frozen City MOD APK is the best survival game for Android devices. It has more than 10m+ downloads on the Google Play Store you can check it yourself. The game is published by Century Games PTE. LTD. As you know the toughest weather for surviving is winter. So cold areas are the toughest for everyone to survive. You need proper resources to survive in cold areas or the winter season. In this game, you will find yourself lonely in a cold area where you have to survive. You have limited resources to warm up yourself or create more resources with them.

If you make more resources then you have to build houses, and villages, plant trees, and assemble more different buildings to fulfil the basic needs of the people. So you are the last hope for the poor people and other necessary things to live. In this cold and freezy environment roads and streets are covered with ice or snow and people bond to move from one location to another. So to get rid of this problem you have to prepare yourself and manage enough resources before the winter season because all the roads and streets are blocked due to heavy snowfall. Your transportation system will shut down and be blocked. You can hire workers and employees and give them different tasks to each worker to expand your town and make it beautiful.

Frozen City MOD APK GamePlay:

As the Frozen City is a survival game the gameplay is complex as compared to other simulation games. The survival genre is the main pillar of the game genre. You have to assign the right task to the right worker if you want to survive. In this way, this game also covers the strategy genre because you make strategies to build your land. Management is the main task for you in this game that will explore your leadership skills. As this game requires good team lead skills the best way to survive in this cold place is to do teamwork to complete any task. You can make a good team and give them instructions as a team leader about the work.

In this cold place, you have to provide good and hygienic food to your people because many diseases and infectious viruses are attacking the human body. Moreover, you have to provide other medical facilities and build hospitals for your society’s people. You have to create a proper time system and provide instructions to each worker according to the timetable and also create rest hours for them. In this game, you will also learn time management. You have to follow the timetable you created to the end of the game.

You also need security after building towns in different areas of the land. You have to create your security to protect your town from different animals. As the town is in the forest you will face different dangerous animals like bears and lions. In cold areas, you will face polar bears, the polar bear is a very dangerous animal that will attack your town and kill your people. So to protect your civilians from the animals you need to build strong security that will fight with animals and protect your village. You can also unlock the different heroes in the game they are more powerful as compared to civilians and easily kill the animals and other enemies.

Frozen City Game Features:

Build a New Town From Scratch:

After a huge natural weather disaster many people lose their houses. In this cold weather, every person needs a house to survive. Furthermore, they also need basic resources to live there and enjoy life. You can build a new town or city and construct new houses and buildings from scratch for the people who lost everything in the disaster. In the winter weather life is so difficult as compared to summer. The main resource you need in this weather is wood. You can use wood to warm yourself and your home build new resources and help poor people. You must feed them all and provide them with resources and necessary things.

Survivor Management and Job Assignments:

In this Frozen City survival game, your main assets are labour. Because in every society labour is the main asset. The stronger your labour is the more strong society you have. You will have to assign every labour a task according to his profession. If you make any mistake in assigning the task then your output will be minimized. You failed to build a strong society even if you failed to survive in the cold area.

Assemble Heroes and Enlist Task:

At the start of the game, there are only 2 or 3 people are unlocked to play this game. After completing each small task and level more characters are unlocked. These characters are called heroes. The heroes are more powerful, loyal, and stronger as compared to other civilians in the society. You can assign them tasks according to their profession and they are specialist in their profession. Moreover, you can use them to explore your society.

Frozen City MOD APK v1.9.1 [Unlimited Money, Gold, Gems]

Acquire Skills in a Unique Survival Simulation:

As it is a cold place the most difficult place to survive is the glacier area. In the Frozen MOD APK, the survivors are the leading characters and they are the ones who help to run the urban city. You can check your survivor’s health at the top of the screen. If your survivor’s health is low it means your worker is not working and is sick, in that case, your workforce will decrease which is not good for you.

Expand Your City:

While playing this game and completing some of the levels the population of the town increases. The town where you live become populated and requires big space or you have to expand your city. You can make bigger cities for your people where they live properly with all the facilities. Furthermore, you require more workforce so you need to increase your workforce and manage their and town activities. For this, you need a strategy to play this game more perfectly and manageable. It is your responsibility to provide all the facilities to the people and treat them as your family members.

Multiple Unique Citites:

You will explore many unique cities in the game. At the start, you have just one city unlocked which is an abandoned city later on after completing levels you can unlock many other unique cities like Valley Town, Plant City, Ice Lake, Forest City, Glacier Circle, Frost City and more. Every location has its unique environment, beauty, and atmosphere.

Frozen City Hack MOD APK Features:

Unlimited Money And Gems For Free:

In the Frozen City MOD APK, you will get unlimited money and gems for free shopping in this game. If you want to use these unlimited premium features then you just need to download this app from this site below.

Unlimited Wood:

In this cold city the main resource of to warm your house. You will get unlimited woods in the Frozen MOD APK and you will use them to build your city. Furthermore, you can expand your city and land and also create a new city with new infrastructure.

Free Shopping:

You will get unlimited money and gems without any cost. You can use them to buy new resources and things that are necessary for survival in the Frozen City MOD APK. Moreover, you can upgrade the buildings and expand your city using money. Furthermore, unlimited gems help you to upgrade your heroic power.

Unlocked All Locations and Characters:

In this game version of Frozen MOD APK unlimited money and gems, you have all the characters and places ready to use. Characters are super important because they manage the town. You can go to different spots and explore new things in different weather.

Frozen City MOD APK v1.9.1 [Unlimited Money, Gold, Gems]

Frozen City MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds:

In the basic version of Frozen City, you have limited diamonds. But in Frozen MOD APK you will get unlimited diamonds and also it allows you to explore all the premium features of this game without any cost or any restrictions. So just download, install and enjoy!

No Ads:

The standard version of Frozen City comes with a lot of ads that irritate the user. After completing each level or task an ad will run. In this modded version of Frozen City MOD APK, there are no ads that disturb you or irritate you. Moreover, no VPN is needed to install this modded version of the game.


The Frozen City Mod APK stands out with its one-of-a-kind storyline, setting it apart from other simulation games. It’s a perfect treat for those who appreciate a unique narrative. Build your dream city and master the art of living in challenging situations. With outstanding graphics and captivating music, this game offers an exceptional survival experience. To enjoy the game with Unlimited Money, Gems, and Wood, simply download it using the provided button and dive into the adventure.

How to Install Frozen City Hack MOD APK?

Step 1: Search for the Frozen City Mod APK file on the apkworldx website and download it. 

Step 2: Enable “Install from unknown sources” from your device’s security settings. 

Step 3: Locate the downloaded file and install it on your device. 

Step 4: Once installed, open the game and start enjoying the enhanced features and unlimited resources.

Frozen City Hack MOD APK Download Latest Version Here

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