Granny MOD APK v1.8.1 (Outwitt+MOD Menu) Download

Granny MOD APK v1.8.1 (Outwitt+MOD Menu) Download

Granny MOD APK is one of the most terrifying games people play on their mobile devices. The game is so scary but people love to play. You are trapped in your granny’s house and the granny is not normal she is terrified, scared, horrified and cruel. The only mission or objective of this game is to escape from this place. If you try to escape she will catch you and make you a prisoner in her house. So try hard to escape from the hell place, make plans, use interactive items you can find in the house, solve puzzles and find clues which help you escape.

You wake up in a terrifying house, blood split on the walls, dirt on the desk and you are locked in a jail. The very first thing you have to do is find a clue or solve the puzzle to get out of it. Your granny is not an ordinary granny she always takes care of and watches you after time so you do not try to escape. Be careful before doing anything and try not to make noise she always hears you and rushes on you to knock you out.

Confronted with the challenging job of leaving her grips, you need to decode the riddles that shroud your house and browse a hazardous course loaded with troubles, keys, and the continuous hazard of capture. The clock is ticking, and every squeaking floorboard and threatening sound might either result in your redemption or declare the arrival of the unrelenting quest.

Scary Granny Game Info:

Official NameGranny MOD APK
GenreAction, Horror
Size130 MB
Package Namecom.dvloper.granny
Latest Version 1.8.1
MOD FeaturesMOD Menu, GOD MOD, High Damage
Google Play Store

Screen Shots:

Granny MOD APK HACK Features:

Here are some game features you will experience in this game.

Escape Challenge:

As I told you the only objective of this game is to escape from the eerie house. The player will experience the thrilling escape challenge with a bunch of riddles that he should crack to escape. As you do in the Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK, this game is not about teasing or making fun of someone. So, your goal is to navigate from different rooms, solve puzzles, crack riddles and find the hidden clues to make your path towards freedom. Be careful of Scary Granny who is waiting for you in every corner of the room.

Solve Puzzles:

Throughout the game, players experience many puzzles to solve and uncover clues all over the house. The puzzles are so difficult to solve and logical, they require more attention, focus, observation and problem-solving skills. Unlock every door and encounter clues that help you to escape. Stay active, attention and focus on even a smaller clue to hide your freedom.

Avoid Detection and Making Noise:

To escape from the dangerous house player must master the art of sneaking and hiding. Stay silent as you move from room to room, and avoid detection by unseen things as they make noise in the dangerous hall. Moreover, you have to use furniture and other objects that conceal yourself and buy new items that upgrade you and one step forward you to escape.

Scary Atmosphere:

The atmosphere and surroundings of the game are terrifying. As the gameplay in a Granny Outwitt sinister house. Furthermore, the graphics and textures of the house and other objects placed in the house did not give you delight or any other positiveness. However, if you look at them closely and other small items your fear increases more instantly and you feel more scared. Rust on iron, moss in the basement, and cobwebs in the closets and corridors are visible to you. Every step towards your freedom is full of suspense, scariness and uncertainty because of the cracked floor, flickering lights and wandering Granny who is always in front of you.

Scary Granny Who Always Trying To Catch You:

In the Granny MOD APK, you will get only 5 attempts to complete the level. For example, when you get caught by the granny you will be hit by the bloody bat. This will instantly back to you the beginning state of the game. But do not worry about the puzzles or found items you will not lose them as you leave them on the place you will find them on that place and all the other game progress will remain. Throughout the house, there are various rooms, beds, closets and other furniture items where you can hide yourself.

Be careful if you hide in front of your scary granny she will catch you and hit you with her base bat on your head. The most interesting aspect of the game is sound detection, if you make noise by detecting any item she will listen to you and meet you within in few seconds. For all of the above, you will select the mode that suits you before starting the game.

Granny MOD APK Outwitt Features:

Granny MOD APK is the moded version of the Granny game. In the moded version, you will get some extra features than the original one like unlimited money, unlimited health and lives. So here are the some features listed down.

Sweetened Environment:

In the moded version, you will enhanced environment with extra rooms, new surprises and challenges. With the extension of the environment, you have more options and ways to get escape. Players can experience more unique challenges and surprises in the sinister house.

Extra Tools:

Granny MOD APK offers extra tools that help you escape from a sinister house. These tools help you solve puzzles and challenges that block your path to freedom. These tools are paid in the original game but you will get free in this app.

Customizable Settings:

With this feature, you have held on to many settings of the game you can change the theme, and colours, increase your lives, and enhance your game graphics and texture quality. Furthermore, this feature also allows you to select your mode that is easy to play like hard, medium and easy modes.

Unlock All Levels:

With Granny MOD APK Unlocked All Levels you will get all the levels unlocked and you can play your desired level. Do not need to play the game with an ordinary style like completing the level first before unlocking the next level. Moreover, with Granny MOD APK Unlimited everything you will get all the items free and limitless. Also, Try Toca Life MOD APK.

Ads Free Experience:

You will get ads free experience playing this game. In the original version of the game, you have to watch useless ads after completing each level or use any premium items. So do not worry know no ad irritates you while playing this scary game.

How to Download And Install Granny Outwitt MOD APK?

You need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

1. Click the Download button at the top of the page to download the Granny MOD APK Outwitt.

2. Save the file in your device’s download folder.

3. Now click on the downloaded Granny MOD APK Hack file to install it and wait for the installation to complete.

4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing immediately.


Granny Outwitt Mod APK presents a captivating blend of fear, strategy, and tension that sets it apart from other mobile games. Even if you’re not a fan of horror games or just looking for something new, its spooky ambience and engrossing gameplay make it worth giving a try.

Download Granny MOD APK HACK Outwitt Download

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