YoWhatsApp APK v9.98 Download (Official) Anti-ban 2024

Looking for the latest version of YoWhatsApp APK Download 9.98 for Android? We know it we heard you now we share the latest version of YoWhatsApp APK with you through this article. It is our commitment to share it with you and we never step back from our commitments. We give you the latest version of YoWA APK with its official update every time there is news in the market we share it first.

YoWhatsApp APK v9.98 Download Latest Version (Official) Anti-ban

What is YoWhatsApp APK?

YoWhatsApp APK is the MOD version of official WhatsApp. Regular WhatsApp is amazing to use but for regular users or users who don’t need to customize their apps. WhatsApp is a messenger application that is free to use. In WhatsApp you can send text messages, audio, video messages, send emojis, moreover, you can make Audio and Video calls without any cost. All these tasks you can do are limited.

To make the application more interesting WhatsApp MOD version was introduced. YoWhatsApp APK is one of the best MOD versions of WhatsApp. This amazing application was first developed by a well-known Android developer named Yousef, but after some time they stopped giving the latest updates of YoWhatsApp APK and stopped its development. Later on Fouad Mokdad the developer of FM WhatsApp APK took permission from Yousef to handle the development of the application and give updates in the future. So, he will be going to release future updates of the YoWhatsApp APK. Well, you don’t need to worry about the latest updates. You should bookmark our website to get the latest update of YoWa APK and other APK mods downloads. It’s time to take your regular WhatsApp app to the next level and use its features at an advanced level. If you want to know about this app more then you need to read the whole article.

Now the official app is run by the Fouad Mokdad as I already told you in the previous section of the article. But in the world of WhatsApp Mod, there is another developer named HeyMods who also releases the replica of YoWhatsApp APK. Most people try it and use it but it is not official so we do not permit to use of this replica. The replicated version of YoWhatsApp APK contains ads that irritate the user. Furthermore, many users also try to use the YoWhatsApp MOD for iOS but as you know this is the APK file that is only used on Android phones. So, we just provide YoWhatsApp MOD APK for Android.

WhatsApp is one the most popular and amazing messenger applications you can find on the internet. But it lacks most of the features. To fill up these gaps in advanced features WhatsApp Mod versions were introduced. There are many WhatsApp Mods but the most favorite one is YoWhatsApp APK. Because it has some unique and advanced features that no other mod version gives you. So when you need to try some advanced features of any application then you start trying to find it on Google. But as usual, Google just fools people it does not give you the exact results you want. so most of the websites Google shows you are most of the scams and show you only ads it means that they do not care about the user requirements they just earn money through showing ads. But As I told you, you just need to bookmark apkworldx to download YoWhatsApp APK latest version.

Many people love to use the YoWhatsApp APK as compared to official WhatsApp. Because it gives you more features and more control to customize your applications. YoWhatsApp APK MOD allows you to customize, and change themes, app icons, status downloader, send large audio and video files, and app locker, hide status, block contacts, and more to do.

Screen Shots:

YoWhatsApp APK Feautres:

Many people use WhatsApp MOD APK to get the advanced features but when it comes to choosing which mod is best to use there are dozens of WhatsApp Mods available in the market. We suggest you choose the YoWhatsApp For Android. Now we will tell you why we say it is the best WhatsApp MOD APK here we list down some features of YoWhatsApp APK that distinguish it from other mods.

  • YO Themes:

Tired of WhatsApp’s green look? YoWa APK YoThemes feature lets you easily change it with a single click. No more boring green, just pick a cool theme and give your WhatsApp interface a fresh style whenever you want. It’s like a quick makeover for your messaging app. So now it is time to say goodbye to your typical WhatsApp green screen.

  • Collection Of Unique Emojis:

YoWa APK comes with a special Emoji Variant filled with cool emojis right from the start. You can easily send lots of these fun emojis to your friends. Our blog only shares this Emoji Variant, so every package you download includes these awesome emojis. πŸ˜‰ No other MOD app offers all these cool emojis. Just grab any package, and you’ll enjoy the Emoji Variant!

  • Send Long Videos:

WhatsApp official has a rule that only lets you send videos up to 100 MB, not more than that. It can be pretty frustrating. Imagine you’ve recorded a video that’s larger than 100 Megabytes. You can’t send it on WhatsApp; you have to upload it somewhere else and then share the link. But with YoWhatsApp APK, you can send videos up to 1 GB at once. I’m not kidding, you can try it yourself!

  • App Locker:

Now you don’t have to bother with extra apps to lock your WhatsApp chats on Android. YoWhatsApp APK has a built-in lock feature that lets you secure your chats with a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint lock. Unlike the regular WhatsApp, this feature isn’t there, so you’d need another App Locker app for it. This feature is a favourite among all YoWa users.

  • Freeze Last Seen:

If you want to hide when you’re using WhatsApp, you can easily Freeze your Last Seen with just one click. Once you turn this feature on, even if you’re using WhatsApp, it won’t show that you’re online. Your YoWhatsApp MOD APK last seen will stay the same as when you turned on this feature. Pretty cool, right? I like this feature. You can freeze your last seen whenever you want and turn it off whenever you like.

  • Custom Privacy:

YoWhatsApp APK offers numerous privacy features. What are they? You can hide your WhatsApp last seen, the blue tick (Message Seen Tick), and the second tick (Message Delivered Tick) anytime you want. No need to worry; the person receiving the message won’t know that you’ve made any changes. That’s why they’re called custom privacy features. Unlike the official WhatsApp app, not a single one of these features is available there.

  • Dual WhatsApp:

YoWhatsApp can serve as a second WhatsApp if you wish to use dual WhatsApp on one device. By checking its package name (com. yowa), you’ll see it’s different from WhatsApp (com. wa). This indicates you can use both apps on the same Android phone. In fact, with YoWA’s various packages, you can use a total of three WhatsApp on your phone.

  • No Root:

Unlike most WhatsApp MODs that need a rooted Android phone, YoWa works smoothly on non-rooted devices. No need to root your phone, which can void its warranty and cause other issues. We’ve personally tested YoWa on both non-rooted and rooted phones, and it works fine on both. If you thought all modded apps required root permission, you’re mistaken.

  • Font Styles:
Font Style Flat Icon Png

YoWhatsApp APK brings you a variety of fonts, so you don’t have to stick with that boring default one. Easily choose a beautiful custom font from the list within the app. This feature is built right into the app; there’s no need to install any third-party applications. Changing the font style in YoWhatsApp is very simple.

Now, let’s explore the features of YoWa in its latest version. Whenever a new version is released, we cut and paste these features into the list below, and then update it with the new features. Now, let’s look at its older yet useful features.

YoWhatsApp APK v9.98 Key Features

YoWhatsApp MOD stands out among other WhatsApp MOD apps, and here’s why it’s more useful. Check out the list below, detailing YoWA APK features across all versions. This list outlines everything you can do in YoWa:

  1. Ghost Mode πŸ‘» (Invisible Actions): Your Last Seen is frozen, making your actions invisible to others. Your last seen won’t change, and you can watch statuses secretly.
  2. Copy Caption Feature: Copy captions for media (image/video) easily by selecting the media, tapping on the three dots, and choosing “Copy Caption.”
  3. Profile Photo Options: Set “Search Web” or use Emoji for your profile photo.
  4. Status View Toast: A toast notification appears on the home screen for status views.
  5. Translation Mode Switch: Easily switch between in-app translation or using the GTranslate app in conversation settings.
  6. Total Message Count: See the total message count in the “View All Messages” screen.
  7. Scroll to Newest and Oldest Message: Buttons available to scroll to the newest and oldest messages in the “View All Messages” screen.
  8. Group Chats Tap Separated: Group chats are separated with a tap.
  9. Live Preview of Changes: See a live preview of any changes you make.
  10. Aeroplane Mode: Disable messages whenever you need with an Aeroplane mode.
  11. Status Splitter: Split long videos into 30 seconds.
  12. Ignore Archived Chats: Archived chats won’t show in the call log.
  13. YoThemes Store Improvements: Faster speed and easier theme loading through zip files.
  14. New Emojis: Enjoy additional emojis.
  15. Hidden Chats in Calls Log: Hidden chats won’t appear in the calls log.
  16. Vibration Feature for Hidden Chats: Set a vibration feature for hidden chats.
  17. Reply Privately in Groups: Reply privately to group messages.
  18. Anti-Delete Story/Status Feature: The anti-delete feature for stories/status is re-enabled.
  19. Confirmation Message Before Clearing Recent Emojis: Get a confirmation message before clearing recent emojis.
  20. Default Lock for Chat Security: Default lock for added chat security.
  21. Colourful Contacts Screen: Contacts screen with colourful elements.
  22. OnePlus Slate Font Added: Enjoy the addition of the OnePlus Slate font.
  23. Attach Button in WANH Entry: Easily attach files with a dedicated button.
  24. Send Up To 100 Images at Once: Send up to 100 images in a single go on WhatsApp.
  25. Your Picture in Conversations: Your picture appears inside and outside message bubbles.
  26. 7 New Icons: Fresh and unique icons added.
  27. YoThemes Store: Change WhatsApp themes effortlessly.
  28. Choose Who Can Call You: Call blocker feature lets you decide who can call you.
  29. Languages Added: Azerbaijani and Indonesian languages included.
  30. Contact Pictures Outside Message Bubbles: View contact pictures outside message bubbles.
  31. YoWa Widget: Toggle last seen and count unread messages in the YoWa widget.
  32. New Ticks and Bubbles: Fresh ticks and bubbles for messages.
  33. Colour Unread Messages/Widget Status: Customize the color of unread messages and widget status.
  34. Hide Media From Gallery: Keep media hidden from your device’s gallery.
  35. New Call FAB: Access a new call FAB in the calls screen.
  36. Change Group Participants Name Colour: Customize the color of group participant names.
  37. Emoji Variant: Switch between old and new emojis.
  38. Remove Custom Privacy for Specific Contact: Manage custom privacy settings for specific contacts.
  39. Change Message Counter Text Colour: Customize the colour of the message counter text.
  40. Disable Vibration in Pattern Lock: Turn off vibration in the pattern lock.
  41. Triple WhatsApp on the Same Phone: Use three WhatsApp accounts on one phone.
  42. Hide Name for Contacts/Groups: Hide names for specific contacts or groups.
  43. Disable Notifications While Playing Voice Notes: Play voice notes without notifications.
  44. Show Blue Ticks After the Reply: Blue ticks appear only after you reply.
  45. Hide the Name of the Person You Are Chatting With: Keep the name of the person you’re chatting with hidden.
  46. Rescue Mode: Activate rescue mode when needed.
  47. Custom Anti-Delete: Customize anti-delete settings.
  48. Gradient Colour Preview: Preview gradient colors.
  49. Highlight a Message and Start Typing for Auto-Reply: Easily auto-reply by highlighting a message and typing.
  50. Unlock Forgotten PIN/Pattern: Set up a recovery question to unlock forgotten PIN/Pattern.
  51. Coloured Link Preview: View coloured link previews.
  52. Send Live Location: Share your live location easily.
  53. **See Storage Usage Per Chat:** Check storage usage for each chat.
  54. Increase Limit for GIF Videos: Send GIF videos up to 30 seconds.
  55. Copy Story/Status Text: Copy text from stories/status with a click.
  56. Custom Privacy Feature: Enjoy customizable privacy settings.
  57. Disable Call for Any Contact: Block calls from specific contacts.
  58. Change Name and Status Font Style: Personalize font styles for names and statuses on the home screen.
  59. Change Contact Name Colour: Customize the colour of contact names on the home screen.
  60. Custom Hide/View Status: Control who sees your status.
  61. Android O Emojis: Use Android O emojis for a modern look.
  62. Preview Font in Fonts Style: Preview fonts in different styles.
  63. Delete Conversation Media While Deleting Chats: Remove conversation media when deleting chats.
  64. Conversation Lock Control: Manage conversation lock settings in contact/group info.
  65. Page Title Text Colour: Customize the colour of the page title text.
  66. Translate to Turkish: Translate messages to Turkish.
  67. Enable/Disable Message Counter on Launcher Icon: Toggle message counter display on the launcher icon.
  68. Show/Hide Pattern Drawing Path: Display or hide the pattern drawing path.
  69. Send Any Type of File from the File Manager: Share any file type from the file manager.
  70. Control Maximum Image Resolution: Adjust the maximum image resolution.
  71. Mohanad Font: Access the Mohanad font style.
  72. Pin Up To 1000 Chats: Pin up to 1000 chats for easy access.
  73. Reduced Network Use: YoWa uses less network data.
  74. Swipe From Left To Write To Exit Conversation: Swipe left to write and exit the conversation easily.
  75. Send Full-Resolution Image, Up To 10 MB: Share high-quality, full-resolution images up to 10 MB.
  76. Separate Option for Navigation Bar Colour: Customize the colour of the navigation bar separately.
  77. Broadcast Icon on Pics in Chat: See the broadcast icon on pictures in chat.
  78. Save Stories Images & Videos to Your Phone: Save images and videos from stories to your phone.
  79. Load Theme From SD Card (XML File): Load themes from SD card using XML files.
  80. Change Emoji Header Colour: Customize the header colour for emojis.
  81. Round WhatsApp Icon: Opt for a rounded WhatsApp icon.
  82. Disable Heads-Up in Android 7.0+: Turn off heads-up notifications in Android 7.0 and above.
  83. Change Emoji Picker Background Colour: Customize the background colour for the emoji picker.
  84. Set Status Videos Up To 5 Minutes: Share status videos up to 5 minutes long.
  85. Set Profile Picture As Chat Screen Wallpaper: Use your profile picture as the chat screen wallpaper.
  86. Recent Colours: Access recently used colours for customization.
  87. Square Photo Corners: Opt for square corners for photos.
  88. Privacy-Only Mode: Activate privacy-only mode.
  89. Change Hyperlinks Colour: Customize the color of hyperlinks.
  90. Allo Ticks and 3D Bubbles: Enjoy Allo ticks and 3D bubbles for messages.
  91. No Ads (Ads Free MOD): Experience an ad-free version.
  92. Splash Screen: Enjoy a customized splash screen.
  93. YoMods Settings Design: Experience a new YoMods settings design.
  94. Live Preview of Your Color Changes: See live previews of colour changes.
  95. Airplane Mode ✈️ (Disable Messages When Needed): Turn on airplane mode to disable messages when necessary.
  96. Hidden Chat Unread Counter: Hidden chats won’t contribute to the home unread counter.
  97. Hidden Chats in “Forward To” Screen: Hidden chats won’t appear in the “Forward To” screen.
  98. Clear WA Database Backups: Option added to clear WhatsApp database backups.
  99. Share YoWa with Friends: Share YoWa easily with friends.
  100. Bug-Free Experience: No bugs, and constant fixes if any are found.

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How to Install YoWhatsApp APK on Android?

You might be familiar with installing APK files on Android, but for new Android users, the process can be a bit challenging initially. Installing applications from third-party sources on Android is a straightforward task. Typically, apps are installed from the Play Store, and no manual installation is needed. However, YoWhatsApp MOD goes against their policies, making it unavailable in the store. Therefore, manual installation is required. If you’re unsure about how to install it, follow the simple steps below, and you’ll be good to go.

1) First of all, make sure you have downloaded the YoWhatsApp APK file from the link shared in the above section.

2) Search for the downloaded APK file, you will get it in the download folder.

3) Click on that APK file and then tap on the β€œInstall” button.

4) The installation process will get started, wait for a while.

5) After successful installation, click on the β€œOpen” button.

6) Enter the phone number that you want to use in YoWA and click on the NEXT button.

7) Now, it asks you if they are going to send you OTP, simply click on the OK button.

8) Enter a six-digit one-time password received on your entered mobile number and it will verify automatically.

9) If you have Backed Up your old WhatsApp then it will automatically ask you to restore it, simply click on Restore if you want. No issue if this option doesn’t appear to you because it will only appear when you have any Backup.

10) Set up your Display Picture and Name and proceed. Use it and enjoy.

WhatsApp MOD Lists:

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At last, YoWhatsApp APK is the best Mod version of WhatsApp. Its amazing useful feature makes it more interesting and attractive than the other mod versions. As YoWa APK is the Mod version of official WhatsApp it is more important to tell you that it is a third-party application as I told you above in the section it was first developed by Yoused and after that, Fouad Mokdad took permission and took it from the Yousef. So the whole story is your data may be leaked if this developer goes mad or dead it is all up to him. So, you need to be aware that do not share your data by using this YoWhatsApp APK.

Download YoWhatsApp MOD APK 9.98 (Official) 2024

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